Wind Turbine Technician Jobs – 3 Easy Steps You Can Take to Get The Job

Jobs in the wind sector have seen a meaningful uptick in recent years as there has been an increased emphasis placed on renewable wind energy.  Wind technician jobs can be either short term contracts or longer-term full-time role. 

If geography is an important consideration, it is important to note that Texas, Iowa, California, Minnesota, and Washington are the top 5 states in terms of Total Wind Capacity. 

What does a wind turbine technician do?

The role of a wind turbine technician is to be responsible for the proper functioning of wind turbines in terms of both electronics and mechanics.  The roles requires diagnosing specific malfunctions if they arise, performing regular maintenance to ensure optimal upkeep, and making any necessary repairs.  The job requires specific skills around using voltages testers and oscilloscopes. 

Wind turbine technicians are also commonly known as windtechs, and they are responsible for inspecting, diagnosing, adjusting, and repairing wind turbines.  They must be prepared to approach issues related to any electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical malfunctions. 

Salaries for this position can range anywhere from $30,000 to more than $70,000 a year.   An average work week normally entails hours a week with some potential overtime.    

Some of the specific components of the job including collecting data from turbines in order to test and analyze the environment, performing tower inspections, and replacing old or nonfunctioning parts.  The job requires some level of problem solving skills as problems are not always completely apparent.    

The job necessitates strong fitness levels as often times the jobs requires wearing 25 pounds or more of gear while climbing hundreds of feet a day.

Below are some of the key responsibilities of a wind turbine technician:

  • Perform routine mechanical and electrical maintenance on wind turbines and other required equipment
  • Climb wind turbine towers daily in full safety equipment in order to inspect, maintain, or repair equipment
  • Have a strong grasp of electrical and mechanical functions of the various components of wind turbine generators and similar equipment
  • Troubleshoot faults in the mechanical or electrical operations and make the necessary replacements

Some of the key requirements include:

  • A year of technical work experience in mechanics or electrical wiring
  • Physical ability to work in outdoor environments including the use of ladders and working at heights more than 200 feet

Wind Turbine Technician Jobs in Texas

The wind turbine service sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Texas given the growth of new projects and developments.  The states has more than 20 thousand megawatts of wind capacity and is anticipated to nearly double by 2030. Now is the perfect time to be looking at wind turbine technician jobs.

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