Wind Turbine For Home

With the world population increasing at a rapid rate and ever-rising electricity bills, it becomes crucial to opt for an alternative energy solution that does not negatively affect the environment and can reduce costs.  A perfect way to do this is to have use a wind turbine for home power. 

Recommended wind turbines

Best small wind turbines for sale


SHZOND Wind Generator

Well suited for the leisure sector, it is famous for battery charging on boats, gazebos, chalets or mobile homes

  • 3 blades
  • 400 watts power capacity
  • Charger controller

EOLO 3000 Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The most advanced system in the entire series for power, configuration and technical solutions. For domestic and industrial use, for accumulation and reduced electricity bill, installed in minutes without any authorization.

  • 6 blades
  • 400 watts power capacity
  • Charger controller

Happybuy Wind Turbine

Permanent magnet generator with low torque, high-power tracking intelligent microprocessor,

  • 5 blades
  • 400 watts capacity
  • Charger controller

Brief Background of Wind Energy:

Wind energy has become a significant source of power at a time when the world is aiming to change the present form of energy to renewable form. It can play a considerable role as it promotes clean energy, thereby preserving the environment.

In modern times, various wind farms aim to provide power for multiple users. Besides, there are small home wind turbines, which individuals can use to produce electrical power. Wind energy, though not as famous as a solar system, can provide adequate power for regions with high wind speed. A regular house will need a wind turbine with five kilowatts capacity to meet the overall requirements of energy. However, it is worth noting that the wind speed will extensively influence the effectiveness of your wind system.

How does it work?

Home wind turbines generate electricity by utilizing wind power. The turbine works as a generator and creates the power that is clean and emission-free. A wind turbine needs wind energy; as such, you should install it at the higher altitudes.  

The size of the wind turbine will significantly depend on the power requirements. For instance, offshore wind turbines have more significant and taller structures to capture the strong wind from the ocean. These types of wind turbines can generate an extensive amount of electrical energy. On the other hand, home wind turbines are smaller and can generate power up to 100 kilowatts. 

Essential things to consider while purchasing a wind turbine for home:

There are some crucial things that one must take into consideration before buying and installing the wind turbine for your home. We have listed below for your convenience:

Know your required energy level: You should have explicit knowledge of the amount of energy needed for your home. Having this knowledge will help you in choosing the best wind turbine for your home. 

Know the strength of the wind in your area: As mentioned, the speed and power of the wind will greatly impact the effectiveness of your wind turbine. As such, you should determine the speed of the wind in your location. It will help you to easily select the type and size of the turbine needed for your home.

Be aware of current local zoning laws: It is worth noting that some countries may not allow the installation of wind turbines for home utilities. As such, you should be aware of all the local rules and regulations as it can affect your wind turbine installation.  

Check for Certification: There are several kinds of wind turbines for home available in the market. As such, before blindly purchasing it, you should ensure that the device is authentic.

Suitable Size of Wind Turbine for Home:

You should note that the appropriate size of the wind turbine will significantly depend on how much amount of energy you need to power your house and the speed of the wind. As such, you should first calculate the amount of power your house will need. However, we would like to provide some data that can help you in deciding the desirable size of the wind turbine for your home. To ensure that you select the right size, we also recommend that you consult sellers wind turbine installers or sellers.

Based on the required power for your home, residential wind turbine ranges from 100 kilowatts to 400 kilowatts, while smaller wind turbine ranges from 20 kilowatts to 100 kilowatts. Typically, a residence can consume power with an approximate of 911 kilowatts per month, which can be around 10,900 kilowatts in a year. If your home needs 300 kilowatts per month, then a 1.5 kilowatts wind turbine will provide adequate power for a year in an area with an average wind speed of 12 MPH.

Another factor that can determine the suitable size of wind turbines for your home is the speed of the wind in your locality.  Many wind turbines come with a customized speed-directing structure to protect the rotor. Nevertheless, it is essential to have some knowledge about the wind speed before installing your wind turbine.


To sum up, a wind turbine for home is an essential device that can provide renewable energy with a budget-friendly cost. It also provides power that is free of any environmental hazard. If you want to purchase and install a wind turbine for your home, then you should remember the above points that can help you in selecting the best wind turbine for home.

Brief Outline of Small Wind Turbines:

A small wind turbine, also known as a home wind turbine, is significantly smaller than wind farm turbines. Unlike large wind turbines, small wind turbines generally come with a diameter measuring up to 10 meters wide. As such, this type of wind turbine generates lesser power output in comparison to large wind turbines. However, this low power output makes this type of wind turbine an ideal choice for homeowners or smaller electricity applications.

A suitable location for installing a small wind turbine is regions that experience high wind speed. Usually, rural areas are the most desirable location for small wind turbines as it provides spaces with fewer obstructions, which otherwise can impact the speed of the wind.

Cost of Small Wind Turbines:

Note that the cost of small wind turbine installation will significantly depend on the height and size of the equipment. Typically, if your small wind turbine is more prominent and taller, then the cost will be higher.

According to AWEA (American Wind Energy Association), the cost of small wind turbines ranges from 3000 dollars to 5000 dollars. Many homeowners, who are entirely generating electricity from a wind turbine, generally install wind turbines with the capacity between five to fifteen kilowatts. As such, the cost for such homeowners will be around 15000 dollars to 75000 dollars without including any state or federal incentives.

Purchasing Small Wind Turbines:

Comparing different products with regards to power capacity, design, and the price is crucial when purchasing a small wind turbine for home. The main reason for price variation relates to additional equipment such as batteries, poles, and charge controllers, included in the purchase. You should note that purchasing other accessories will depend on the types of wind turbines. For instance, wind turbines for off-grid will need batteries and charge controllers to store the generated electricity and protect the battery, respectively. The following table makes a comparison of different small wind turbines concerning price, capacity, and other related features.