Wind Technician Jobs – 6 Jobs for Aspiring Professionals

Global leaders are pushing hard to find a solution for climate change and the rise in pollution. This has paved the way for harnessing more energy from natural sources available to humanity, such as wind, hydropower, and solar energy. Wind Energy is considered one of the best sustainable renewable energy sources on the planet. Major countries have identified this prospect and have started to implement more wind farms to generate electricity and possibly replace primary energy sources that pollute the atmosphere. This has also benefitted aspiring professionals as wind technician jobs are also on the rise.

Job Profile of a Wind Technician

Wind technicians are usually involved in the construction of wind turbines, but their primary job is to look after the maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair works of the structure. Technicians also have to ensure that the nacelles are working properly, which houses the equipment that is responsible for generating electricity.

Wind Turbine Service Technicians

Wind turbine service technician is among the first choices of any aspiring professional as it is one of the top-earning wind technician jobs in the industry.

Job Profile: Inspection, troubleshooting, and repair works of wind turbines.

Job Tasks

Technicians under this trade have to conduct regular inspections and to diagnose faults in the wind turbines. They are also responsible for making adjustments or repair the structure. Service technicians have to ensure wind turbine generators and the control systems are functioning properly and also diagnose potential problems in them. Equipment used both inside and outside has to be inspected by the technician, and proper service has to be provided frequently.

Salary: Service technicians are paid an average of $50,000 or more per year.

Wind Turbine Electrician

Job Profile: Testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance of electrical components of a wind turbine.

Job Tasks

Wind Turbine electricians have the responsibility of ensuring the proper flow of electricity from the tower. They perform tests on electrical components used in the turbines to inspect whether the circuits are functioning properly or not. Electronic devices used by the electricians include voltage testers and instruments that have various functions in a single unit, such as multimeters. Oscilloscopes are also used by electricians to study and analyze electronic signals using a computer. Other techniques used by the electricians are turbine inspections using infrared testers and equipment made of fiber optics.

Salary: An average of $54,370 per year.

Wind Turbine Blade Technician

Job Profile: Inspection, maintenance, and repair works of wind turbine blades

Job Tasks

Unlike wind turbine technicians, blade technicians perform only one specific task. They have to ensure that the modules function properly in any weather conditions. The blades of a wind turbine have to be inspected frequently by blade technicians, and repair works have to be initiated if some faults appear during an inspection. The maintenance work of the blades is also the responsibility of the blade technician. Since climbing to dangerous ends of the blades are sometimes required in wind technician jobs, blade technicians should also possess sound knowledge of safety measures.

Salary: Blade Technicians have an average annual salary of $46,193.

Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician

Job profile: Maintenance works of the wind turbine

Job Tasks

Just like wind turbine blade technicians, maintenance professionals also have a specific task of maintaining the wind turbine. These technicians also have to ensure that material and equipment inventories required for maintenance services are always in stock. Routine maintenance of equipment, underground communication systems, substations, and control systems are all part of activities undertaken by maintenance technicians. Machinery used in wind turbines is also maintained by these technicians.

Salary: The average income of a wind turbine maintenance technician is at par with the earnings of other wind technician jobs, which is $50,000 per year.

Wind Turbine Manufacturing

Job Profile: Manufacturing works of the essential parts of wind turbine

Job Tasks

Professionals involved in this trade are responsible for manufacturing the nacelle and the turbine blades. These technicians mostly work indoors in a factory where the nacelle is assembled. The nacelle houses the necessary machinery which is responsible for generating electricity. Sheets of aluminum are bolted together to create the blades of the wind turbine, which is fixed to the nacelle using bolts.

Salary: An average of $52,000 is the annual income of a manufacturing technician.

Wind Turbine Construction

Wind turbine construction technician is the last mention in the list of top wind technician jobs, which mainly deals with construction works.

Job Profile: Construction of the Wind tower

Job Tasks

Professionals involved in this trade primarily deal with the construction of the wind turbine. The proposed site has to be leveled and well connected for transporting parts. Technicians then lay a concrete foundation and install underground cables. After completing the tower, technicians lift the blades attached to the nacelle and bolt it to the tower, which completes the construction work.

Salary: Professionals earn an average of $50,000 per year in this trade.


The job of a wind technician is very fruitful and rewarding, but it has some cons too. Since wind turbines are enormous structures, technicians are always exposed to dangerous positions. Reports of deaths and critical injuries from incidents such as falls, electrical shocks, and crushing injuries make this adventurous job look threatening.

Thankfully a wind technician training also provides some education regarding safety measures. During the on-site training, professionals are taught to handle ropes, balancing, lifting of materials, climbing, and handling techniques.

As the demand for renewable energy sources such as Wind Energy is witnessing an upward trend, the prospect of wind technician jobs will gradually increase. Whether the wind farm projects are developed by the Government sector or private companies, the earning is lucrative for most wind professionals.