2013 Cumulative Renewable Electricity Installed Capacity for the Midwest

NREL recently published their 2013 Renewable Energy Data Book, and included some charts specific to the midwest region on renewable electricity installed capacity.

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Wind Turbine Map

This interactive map lets you explore details and locations of all of the wind turbines in MWEC states.  Zoom in close and you may be able to see the aerial imagery of the wind turbine and its shadow.  This data was compiled by the USGS and was published in 2014. It is the most up to date and extensive dataset of its type.


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Wind Projects in MWEC's Footprint


Information about wind projects within MWEC states can now be found in our Wind Library.  

The data came from OpenEI, which is a wiki jointly maintained by the US DOE, NREL, and Reegle.  Each wind project has its own page in our library that includes information such as the owner, when it was built, what kind of turbines it uses, and includes an inset map. 

Check out the wind projects here.

Definition for Distributed Energy

The Wind Library has a large glossary of terms and acronyms, such as the meaning of "Distributed Wind."

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2013 Installed Wind Capacity in the Midwest Wind Energy Center Region

 Map showing the Midwest Wind Energy Center region, the locations of major wind projects, and the installed capacity by state in megawatts.

The Scale of Wind

   This graphic compares four different turbine sizes.

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