Wind Vision Study Scenario Viewer

The Open Ei website is hosting an interactive tool for exploring the 2015 Wind Vision Report on a state by state basis.  Find it here.

Public Acceptance and Wind

Public acceptance and wind energy has become a frequent research topic.  Two institutions that are actively studying this are the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Wind2050 project at the Technical University of Denmark.

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Slides & Video from Wind Turbine Lease Webinar

We have the slides and video available from the April 2015 webinar, "Wind Lease Info for Farmers, Ranchers, & Rural Landowners."   This webinar includes information about how to evaluate a wind lease for both short and long terms, Power Purchase Agreements, and issues that could negatively affect a wind lease.

Slides from Wind Turbine Lease Webinar

The slidedeck from our April 28, 2015 webinar about wind turbine leases is now available.

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New IRS Rules for Small and Medium Turbines

The IRS has issued new rules for small wind energy systems and the Investment Tax Credit (ITC).  The ITC is a federal tax credit for renewable energy systems.  

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Apply for REAP Funding

REAP provides guaranteed loan financing and grant funding to agricultural producers and rural small businesses to purchase or install renewable energy systems or make energy efficiency improvements.  We have gathered several links and guides to help you apply.

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Updated Wind Energy Benefits Sheet from US DOE

The US Department of Energy's WindExchange has published an updated version of their Wind Energy Benefits sheet.  

Listed below are the key points from the document.

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Wind Vision Report

Optimism comes from the federal government today with the new Wind Vision report.  This long awaited study analyses past trends and forecasts the position of wind energy in the future.  

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Presentation and Video from USDA-REAP Webinar

We now have the slides and video available from our February 12, 2015 webinar, USDA REAP Opportunities and How to Apply.

Health Impacts of Wind Turbines

We have a number of resources available  that investigate the effects of health, sound, and wind turbines.  The following resources are documents of empirical research, reviews and opinions appearing in peer reviewed journals, and government reports.

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