Summary of Minnesota Wind

Minnesota has 3,035 MW of wind installed.  It also has just over 124 MW of distributed wind installed, which is the highest in the MWEC region.  Minnesota began the 21st century as a leader in Midwestern wind, but, although there are several new projects planned, Minnesota’s wind development has slowed in recent years.

 Minnesota has a strong wind resource in the southwestern part of the state and enjoys relatively high public acceptance.  Although the state historically has had receptive leadership and policies conducive to wind development, all new energy policy updates were stalled during the most recent legislative session.

An ongoing project, the CapX2020 transmission line, may increase renewable energy in the near future.  Two CapX2020 high-voltage transmission lines were energized in early 2015, the Brookings County-Hampton and Fargo-St. Cloud-Monticello lines.

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