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Windustry Responds to MinWind Story in Star Tribune

MWEC managing partner and Windustry founder Lisa Daniels has been involved with community wind for many years.  Here is here response to the Star Tribune story about MinWind filing for bankruptcy.

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Star Tribune

Letter to the editor/ Commentary

The Jan 7 article, Owners of two Minnesota wind farms file for bankruptcy court protection deserves further background clarification and correction in order to place MinWind’s predicament in proper context.

MinWind is the operations entity for a group of nine community wind projects in and near Luverne, Minnesota.  The MinWind board is a group of local residents that designed a new business model for community wind. This is a big deal, since the vast majority of the wind projects in the US are owned by large multinational energy companies. Key goals of MinWind have been to diversify the economy of the community, keep more energy dollars local, and create new revenue streams that contribute to the economic development in the region.

Did they accomplish their goals? Yes, they did and more.

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Community Wind Pioneers MinWind File for Bankruptcy

Due to FERC regulations, the MinWind project in Luverne, Minnesota is having financial difficulties. Read the full article in the Star Tribune.

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Energy Independence studies of Iowa communities

MWEC partner Tom Wind recently published initial findings from studies he worked on with The Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities.  They looked at two cities, Algona and Bloomfield, and modeled scenarios for future energy independence.  These scenarios included various combinations of fossil fuels, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.  One major find was that the cost of renewable energy sources will fall below that of fossil fuels.algona.jpg

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Indiana Wind Farm Completed in December 2014


The construction of the Headwaters Wind Farm in Randolph County, Indiana was completed in December 2014.  This new project will generate 200 Megawatts of energy for Indiana Michigan Power.

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Video: Harnessing the Wind


Learn how wind energy is transforming a small community in rural north western Ohio. 

City of Orono, Minnesota and wind turbine ordinances

Small wind turbines continue to emerge in Minnesota communities. Some of the equipment for these turbines is bought and sold in the retail market, and some of it is built or invented on site. These backyard wind installations may be unregulated and can cause conflicts within local communities.   Often, the communities do not have the background or information available for creating policies that address planning, permitting, siting, and zoning for small and distributed wind projects. 


The City of Orono has been in the news lately with a contentious issue regarding small wind turbines on residential property.  The city and a resident turbine owner have been to court a few times over a particular set of small wind installations. The situation has not been resolved, because there are several issues that need to be sorted out before the city can go forward with the best interests of the community in mind. With guidance, this situation could be turned into a Minnesota case story for model ordinances with best practices for small or distributed wind development in terms of planning, permitting, siting, and zoning. 

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Wisconsin Wind Turbines Declared Health Hazard by County Board

In what is being called the first ruling of its kind, a Board of Health in Brown County, Wisconsin, has declared that industrial wind turbines are a health hazard.  The owner of the turbines in the area is Duke Energy, who may need to provide refuting evidence. 

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ICC Approves Key Illinois Transmission Line

Commonwealth Edison's (ComEd) Grand Prairie Gateway Project, a transmission line that is expected to remove wind energy bottlenecks in Illinois, has received approval by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

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Birds win in fight over wind farm near northwest Missouri wildlife refuge

A plan for a large wind farm in NW Missouri was rejected due to its proposed location in a migratory bird path. 

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Can Metro Detroit Develop a Wind Power Economy?

Detroit-based journal explores the idea of urban wind power, including the turbines in use at the Metro Airport.

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