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This page lists external links to news items of note, particularly for the Midwestern United States.

New Report Shows Potential Growth of Distributed Wind Energy for On-Site Power

The U.S. Department of Energy recently released a first-of-its-kind assessment of the potential future growth of distributed wind energy in the United States through 2050. Read the press release here and access the full report here.


State renewable energy mandates are producing enormous benefits

Much has been made of the rapid rise of renewable energy in the US, but the policy workhorse behind it does not get nearly enough attention or credit.

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Tour a Wind Turbine

The National Wind Technology Center (NWTC) in Colorado is one of the world's leading clean energy research facilities. Click here to read about the NWTC and watch a video to take a tour of a wind turbine.

U.S. Q3 2016 Installed Wind Capacity

The amount of wind energy available in the United States is continuously growing bringing the nation closer, bit by bit, to the wind energy goals set out in the U.S. Department of Energy's Wind Vision Report—35% of the nation's end-use electricity demands coming from wind energy by 2050.

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America’s First Commercial Offshore Wind Farm Goes Live

Offshore wind is one of the nation’s largest untapped energy sources

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Midwest energy needs in 2050: All from renewables?

Researchers have shown that the Midwest could meet nearly 100% of its energy needs through clean, renewable energy (wind, water, and solar) by 2050.

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Iowa's Energy Future - 2 Editorials

Recent work produced by MWEC associates Dan Turner and Tom Wind have informed the news coverage in Iowa about wind energy and the Clean Power Plan.

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Wind Power and the Clean Power Plan

Major US DOE studies this year have looked at the falling price for wind energy and the improving technology for capturing wind at high elevations.  This study, from Bentham Paulos, looks at those aspects and advances the idea that wind energy could be an important component for states in meeting Clean Power Plan goals:

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Wind Energy Industry strong economic driver in Illinois

Two news articles this week discuss the economic benefits of wind energy projects in Illinois- particularly in the form of jobs and tax revenue.  Read more at the Quad Cities News 8 and the News Gazette.

New wind project under consideration in Minnesota

Invenergy is looking at developing a major wind farm in southern Minnesota.  This could break the slump in new wind projects that the state has experienced in the past year.

The company cites the good wind resource in the area, talk of increasing transmission to the area, and the impetus of the clean Power Plan as reasons they have chosen the area.

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