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Special Notice: Distributed Wind – Competitiveness Improvement Project

Originally posted here on January 17, 2017; modified March 15, 2017

The U. S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) intends to release requests for proposals (RFPs) during the third quarter of fiscal year (FY) 2017 (by April 30, 2017).

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As energy mix becomes cleaner, Minnesotans paying less for it

March 7, 2017

Consumers have seen flat or declining energy costs as renewable energy becomes a greater part of the energy mix of Minnesota and the nation.

That’s one of the findings in the annual 2017 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook, published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance in partnership with the Business Council for Sustainable Energy.

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Nation’s first integrated wind and solar project takes shape in Minnesota

March 2, 2017

Later this year the nation’s first “integrated” wind and solar hybrid project will begin producing power outside a small city in northwest Minnesota.

Developed by Juhl Energy, Inc., the Red Lake Falls Project combines two 2.3 megawatt (MW) General Electric 116-meter rotor turbines with a 1 MW solar photovoltaic installation.

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Wal-Mart, other companies back Missouri bill to allow power-purchase agreements

February 7, 2017

A bill to permit large electricity customers to bypass their utility and purchase power directly from a renewable generator is before the Missouri General Assembly for the third consecutive year. And the support among corporations for such a law is growing, according to one of the bill’s authors.

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Report ranks Iowa as top state for corporate access to clean energy

January 10, 2017

According to a new report, companies looking for easy access to renewable energy should consider moving to Iowa.

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Iowa Released Energy Plan

December 2016

Chaired by Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, the Iowa Energy Plan was initiated to set state priorities and provide strategic guidance for Iowa’s energy future. The plan assesses current and future energy supply and demand, examines energy policies and programs and identifies emerging challenges and opportunities. 

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Michigan Raises its RPS to 15% by 2021

December 2016

There is good news from the Michigan Legislature that squeaked in right before the end of the 2016. The legislation extends and improves both the Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) and the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).

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Illinois Passes Energy Bill

December 2016

A massive compromise energy bill passed through Illinois legislature, the Future Energy Jobs Bill (SB 2814).  The bill included long sought-after updates to the state’s renewable portfolio standard, an expansion of efficiency programs, and the preservation of net metering for rooftop solar projects -- a policy ComEd sought to end. 

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Breakthrough Decision in Minnesota To Transition Xcel Energy Electricity

October 2016

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission held its final hearing and unanimously approved with modifications Xcel Energy’s 15-year energy plan (Integrated Resource Plan).

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A Renewable Energy Revolution in Small-Town America

Watch the documentary produced as part of The Atlantic's American Futures project.


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