Illinois Policies

Title Category Policy Type
Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation Grants Financial Incentive Grant Program
City of Chicago - Green Power Purchasing Regulatory Policy Green Power Purchasing
Renewable Energy Resources Trust Fund Regulatory Policy Public Benefits Fund
Renewable Portfolio Standard Regulatory Policy Renewables Portfolio Standard
Solar and Wind Energy Rebate Program Financial Incentive Rebate Program
City of Chicago - Green Permit Program Financial Incentive Green Building Incentive
Net Metering Regulatory Policy Net Metering
Commercial Wind Energy Property Valuation Financial Incentive Property Tax Incentive
Interconnection Standards Regulatory Policy Interconnection
Energy Efficiency in State Government Regulatory Policy Energy Standards for Public Buildings
Sales Tax Exemption for Wind Energy Business Designated High Impact Business Financial Incentive Sales Tax Incentive
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project Financing Financial Incentive Bond Program
Statewide Renewable Energy Setback Standards Regulatory Policy Solar/Wind Permitting Standards
Green Energy Loans Financial Incentive Loan Program
Solar and Wind Rights Regulatory Policy Solar/Wind Access Policy

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