MWEC Engagement Plan

The Midwest Wind Energy Center has five overall strategies in our engagement plan.


Strategy 1: Provide basic education and unbiased information resources about wind energy.

1.1 Produce, present and supplement exhibits for state & county fairs and other public events for general education.

1.2 Create educational media items, including videos, maps, and information graphics.  Distribute this material online through the MWEC website, social media, and video channels.

1.3 Foster media connections, give interviews, and contribute to articles.

1.4 Actively support and participate in clean energy forums at local, state, and regional levels.

Strategy 2: Facilitate and improve state and local planning, permitting, siting and policy for wind energy.

2.1 Research and develop materials to market model ordinances and tools to facilitate their adoption. Disseminate research findings and model ordinances broadly.

2.2. Actively support and participate in community planning and policy forums.

Strategy 3: Perform outreach to state and local decision makers about wind energy economic benefits and development challenges.

3.1 Track and share easement payments and compensation packages to landowners for hosting wind projects.

3.2 Monitor and provide updates on rural landowner compensation for transmission siting for renewable energy facilities.

3.3 Gather and share information about property tax and production tax treatments of wind energy.

3.4 Create accessible materials about regional transmission studies and projects.

Strategy 4: Educate decision makers about studies demonstrating economic feasibility for using wind power to make reductions in C02 emissions.

4.1  Produce, present and discuss accessible materials focused on rural electric coops, municipal utilities and municipalities about the cost-effectiveness of wind power for meeting future energy needs in a carbon-constrained world.

4.2 Create opportunities to present materials to utility audiences about incorporating wind and solar power in their power supply portfolio.

Strategy 5: Grow the wind energy market in the region as a whole by building relationships between the states. (bring together stakeholders, brand the region)

5.1 Hold periodic conference calls with regional stakeholders and advisory board.

5.2 Create MWEC information sharing opportunities between state energy offices in the region through conference calls and informative materials.

5.3 Host an annual MWEC summit for participating organizations.

5.4 Work on regional policies and initiatives where appropriate.

5.5 Create and grow a model for sustainability with a newly formed regional association.

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