Barriers to Wind Energy

MWEC follows issues that are real or perceived barriers to wind development, such as concerns about health, wildlife, government programs, and property values.

For more information, the US Department of Energy has published a fact sheet on Wind Energy Myths.


Read more about barriers to wind development in the news below:


Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has proposed spending $250,000 to study the health effects of wind turbines.

"All peer-reviewed studies to date indicate using the wind is a safe way to generate electricity, far safer for human health than other forms of electricity production, such as coal," Tyler Huebner, executive director of RENEW Wisconsin, told HuffPost. 

In what is being called the first ruling of its kind, a Board of Health in Brown County, Wisconsin, has declared that industrial wind turbines are a health hazard.  The owner of the turbines in the area is Duke Energy, who may need to provide refuting evidence. 

A plan for a large wind farm in NW Missouri was rejected due to its proposed location in a migratory bird path. 

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